Sephora Can’t Keep This Color-Correcting Cream In Stock


Now that summer's arrived, plenty of us are ditching our heavy foundation for lightweight options to beat the heat. Switching over to a CC cream is a great way to cover up problem areas without layers of makeup. With a quick swipe, you can blur any imperfections and still rock the no-makeup makeup look. There's one version Sephora shoppers just can't get enough of—because it's really that good.


Erborian's CC Creme has become everyone's summer makeup staple and it's entirely sold out on Sephora.com. What makes it so different? The beauty brand developed a color-correcting technology that adjusts to each and every skin tone. The product provides flawless coverage as well as SPF 25 to protect the skin. You won't face the stress of selecting a shade since there are only two illuminating options. It's currently in limited stock at Selfridge's, but we doubt it'll be there long—we're just as bummed out as you are, but thanks to such high demand we're sure it'll be back on shelves in no time.

CC Creme, Erborian $40