Sephora Can’t Keep This Lip Tint In Stock


While Sephora's massive selection of products certainly never disappoints, there are some items that customers seriously can't get enough of. It's common for new products to reach the retailer and sell out within minutes, as beauty junkies are quick to set their calendars for big releases. Take Dior's new cult-favorite lip tint, the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo, which launched earlier this month. It was originally available at Sephora in four different shades, but three have already sold out.


So what exactly makes the small tube so great? It has a buildable formula that not only promises to be long-lasting but also wears comfortably on the lips. There's really nothing worse than applying a lip product only for it to feel sticky or wear off in a matter of minutes. At the moment, the only shade available is 881, a natural pink hue. The other tints flew off the shelves so quickly that we're hoping to expect a restock soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more information from Sephora to get your hands on this must-have lip tint—it's surely a treat for your pout.

Lip Tattoo, Dior, $30