Sephora’s Latest App Feature Will Have You Lost For Hours

Sephora is known for its constant improvements to customer experience (think: its weekly sale series and new Studio outposts), so when we heard about its latest app rollout, a tool called the Beauty Insider Community, we weren’t entirely shocked. Upon testing the feature, we’ve found it might just be the most user-friendly development we’ve seen from the beauty giant in a long time. It basically works like a Reddit thread for customers, an interactive community in which they can discuss everything from best-selling contour products to surprising brand collabs. It also includes groups based on interest, personalized shopper profiles that can be browsed and shared, discussion boards and product galleries of looks posted by other members. (This is a major upgrade from its Beauty Board and BeautyTalk initiatives.) Now that the tool is live, Sephora will release additional features starting August 22. We don’t know about you, but this is definitely something that’ll be occupying our lunch breaks. This Monday is looking better and better.