How To Score These Pro Makeup Brushes For Cheap

Shopping for makeup brushes is no cheap affair—the price tags can often be hefty. While there are plenty of professional brushes worth the splurge, it wouldn’t hurt if we had solid options at the drugstore as well. It looks like beauty lovers are now in luck, thanks to the esteemed (and artist-beloved) Royal and Langnickel, who just added pro-worthy brushes to their line at Walmart.

A set of professional brushes from the brand can cost well over $200, but you won’t have to break the bank on the new Moda Prismatic Face-Perfecting Kit, which is breaking the Internet as we speak. Create a flawless finish by applying foundation, highlighter, bronzer and concealer the same way the pros do with this oval brush quad—it’ll imbue the same effect as a fancy luxury set.

What really sets these apart from the rest is the gorgeous packaging that also serves as a perfect pop of color on your vanity. The set is available for pre-sale on the brand’s website for $25, but an Instagram teaser mentioned they’ll cost under $20 once available at Walmart. While these won’t be available until next month, Walmart already has a ton of other beauty options you can scope out in the meantime.