This New Black Highlighter Is The Craziest Product We’ve Seen This Year

It’s been quite some time since highlighting took over the beauty world and our social media feeds. The technique has become so extreme that even Kim Kardashian—the queen of contouring herself—has broken up with it. Now, one brand is seeking to separate itself from the extra-sparkly, moonlit crowd with its latest innovation: black highlighter.

Rituel de Fille announced its Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment—a black blush, contour, cream eye shadow and lip tint all in one compact. When first applied to the skin, the shade resembles a cool, subtle aubergine and adds a glossy tint to the eyes and lips as well as dimension to the face. While there’s no shimmer or glitter, the color is buildable, so you’ll get a more chiseled glow as you go.

If you’re bold enough to try it, mark your calendars for its release April 5. We’ve yet to test-drive it ourselves but will be sure to update with photos when we do. The compact will set you back $29 and will be available exclusively at Rituel de Fille.

Photo: Rituel de Fille