The Right Way To Apply Lipstick

by Stephanie Montes

How many times have you applied your lipstick only to find it transferred to your teeth, smeared onto your chin or completely wore off mere hours later? The key to avoiding these snafus lies in a flawless application process. Follow these tips for putting on lipstick the right way using the new Clinique Pop Matte lipsticks—we guarantee your perfect pout will stay in place all day.

Give Some Lip

Step 1: Smooth Out Your Base

There's nothing worse than sweeping on a favorite lipstick over dry, chapped lips, so be sure to start with a smooth base. Use a lip scrub or a mixture of brown sugar and honey to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. Wipe it all away with a warm washcloth.

Step 2: Hydrate Your Pout

Now that you've prepped a smooth canvas, replenish any moisture that might've been lost. Apply a hydrating lip balm to keep lips soft and supple all day—an especially important step with matte lipsticks.

Step 3: Line Your Lips

Use a lip liner in the same color as your lipstick to trace your pout. This will create a barrier to prevent color from feathering and guarantee a sharper finish.

Step 4: Swipe On The Color

Swipe on your Clinique Pop Matte lipstick—if you prefer a wand applicator, use the Clinique Pop Matte liquid lipstick instead. Both formulas boast a built-in primer which guarantees long lasting color.

Step 5: Blot On A Tissue

Use a tissue to gently blot off excess lipstick. This will prevent smudging or transferring onto your teeth. Now you're ready to take on the day!