The Easiest Strip Lashes We’ve Ever Used

by Stephanie Montes

We love the look of a full, thick flutter (obviously), but fumbling with fake lashes is anything but sexy. Thanks to a recent discovery, we no longer have to. Here, 2 Team Zoe members took the Ardell Press-On Lashes for a spin and share their experience.

“I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t travel down my face, so I was more than a little skeptical that press-on lashes would work for me. Thankfully these are easy to put on—giving me plenty of time to tell my coworkers that, yes, there is something different about me. The full fringe withstood one-too-many glasses of wine, which means I may have found my new go-to.”

—Jaclyn Decell, Social Media Manager

“My makeup routine is largely focused on my skin and lips, which means I’m rarely left with enough time to apply lashes. New Year’s Eve was no different, so I happily reached for this pre-glued set (application took less than a minute) and ran out the door. I’m still shocked at how easy the lashes were to apply. It will take much convincing—and an endless supply of free time—to get me to use my lash glue again.”

—Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor