How Rachel Zoe And The Editors Learned To Do Their Own Makeup

by Stephanie Montes

Everybody learns in different ways. Whether you were schooled in makeup application by a YouTube vlogger or a best friend, chances are you’re still using those tried-and-true techniques. Here, Team Zoe shares the weird and wonderful ways they learned to do their own makeup.


Beauty School

Rachel Zoe, Editor-In-Chief

"I knew the basics but really learned the best tricks from being on set and watching the professionals prepping my clients for their red carpet appearances."

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"When I was very little my mum worked for a company that did stage makeup for TV shows, so I was often a practice dummy. Whether I was getting Dynasty-worthy blue eyeshadow or a realistic burn wound, I picked up the importance of blending and color correction from the makeup artists there. If you've ever seen me try to create a cat eye, you know this is where my education ended."

Sari Tuschman, Editor-At-Large

"Actually my mom threw me a surprise birthday party in fifth grade with a makeup artist to do all my friends' and my makeup. It's still my favorite birthday ever."

Kristi Mikesky, Features Editor

“In middle school, one of my best friends had an aunt that worked at Clinique who sent over boxes upon boxes of goodies—frequently. Every weekend we experimented with new shades and products, and I’m pretty sure we learned through trial and error."

Laura Lajiness, New York Editor

"I recently became a pro with this eyeshadow palette tutorial but have my ballet upbringing to thank for a variety of foundation, blush and lip looks. "

Erin Nicole, Red Carpet Editor

"My best friend taught me in 9th grade. Or, rather, she decided to put makeup on me for the first time instead of paying attention in speech class. She used a white eyeliner, so that's what I ended up wearing for all of high school. Then I moved to LA and realized pretty quickly that I should probably switch to black."

Amy Lee, Associate Fashion Editor

"I started to really gain interest in makeup during my junior year of college when I stumbled upon tutorial videos on YouTube. I initially only watched for fun, but realized they had really useful pointers. From there I was hooked. My skills have developed since then and now I'm happy to say that I can do a pretty mean cat-eye."

Stephanie Montes, Senior Beauty Editor

"Throughout my time in high school, my big brother dated a MAC makeup artist. Early on, I developed an obsession with the art, learned pro tricks and spent all my money on stocking my vanity (with MAC, of course)."