5 Ways To Fake Naturally Glowing Skin

Ivan Lattuada

A fresh-faced, radiant look is something we all desire, and it’s a lot easier to pull off than you think. If you’re hesitant, don’t worry—it doesn’t involve packing on highlighter to the point that you’re visible from the moon. There are no weird skincare hacks or wacky treatments required. A natural-looking, A-list-worthy glow can be achieved with formulas accessible to us all. Here, five different ways to get in on the trend.


Radiant & Glowing

Apply to clean skin for a hint of radiance. The reflection of light on your face will make your complexion look extra bright and dewy.

Not a fan of oils? Opt for a cream-based highlighter to illuminate your cheeks, cupid's bow and the tip of your nose. Apply as a finishing touch once your other makeup is set.

If you'd rather avoid the shimmer that comes with highlighter, stick to a balm for an allover glowing finish. Makeup artists typically apply these formulas prior to highlighter, but they're radiant enough on their own.

To hydrate your entire face while adding a glow, try an illuminating moisturizer. It'll impart just the right amount of dewiness without being overbearing.

For a lighter option, you can always achieve dewiness with a face mist. Throw one in your bag to refresh your complexion throughout the day.