The Beauty Junkie’s Travel Guide To Packing Her Vanity

It’s that time of year when many of us make the pilgrimage home for the holidays. No matter your exact travel plans, one thing we can all agree on is that packing can be quite stress-inducing and overwhelming. As beauty aficionados it’s a dream to pack our entire vanities along for the ride, but in reality we know it’s just not feasible. Allow us to take the guesswork out of what stays and goes, and follow our guide for packing up the products and tools you’ll actually need when heading out of town.


This trio of travel-sized products includes a cleanser, toner and mud mask to keep your skin in great shape throughout your trip. Travel-induced complexion freak outs are finally a thing of the past.

Also, pack these toning pads in your purse for long flights. They're perfect for giving yourself a mini facial without even having to leave your window seat.

Combat any signs of stress or redness by treating your face with a nutrient-enriched serum.

Moisture is key for keeping your skin healthy before, during and after traveling.

You don't get a pass on wiping off your makeup just because you're away from home. Keep a stash of towelettes on you at all times.

This bag has every packing compartment you'd ever need. It's divided into three different sections to keep all of your toiletries secure and organized.

A lightweight base will keep your skin glowing and radiant at all times.

Hide symptoms of jet lag by highlighting your focal points with a full-coverage concealer.

Contour palettes can be used as eye shadow as well. Keep your face flushed and sculpted to perfection, while dressing your lids in matte and shimmering finishes.

As nice as it'd be to bring every single brush you own, you shouldn't. Save space with a set of essentials you'll actually put to use, such as ones for powder, concealer and eye-shadow blending.

Many of us consider eyeliner and mascara to be everyday necessities so there's no reason to leave them behind.

Unruly arches don't have to make an appearance. Pack your favorite brow gel to keep everything shaped and in place.

The same rule applies to lipsticks that does to brushes: don't bring your entire stash. Stick to a versatile shade that you can wear at a family dinner and a night out with the girls.

If you really need some more eye color options, consider a pack of pencils (they're great space-savers). This set includes jet black, bright purple, chocolate brown and charcoal gray, and the silky texture is perfect for creating everything from a jewel-toned wing to a sultry smoky eye.

Hair elastics are the ultimate savior on a bad hair day. It's always great to have some on hand for a last-minute bun or ponytail.

Keep flyaway hairs under control with a little help from bobby pins.

There may not be enough time throughout your trip to get a good scalp cleanse in. Refresh your strands and soak up excess oil with dry shampoo.

A leave-in treatment will help keep your tresses strong and healthy.

Hairspray can do everything from fight static cling to perfect a sleek topknot. It's never a bad idea to have some at the ready.