The Best-Selling Beauty Products At Nordstrom This Month


Nordstrom isn't simply the holy grail of fashion. It’s also home to an impeccable range of skincare, hair and makeup buys that tailor to every need—and beauty buffs are obsessed. Ahead, we share the retailer’s best-selling beauty products and why shoppers love them so much.

MAC lipsticks are a staple in everyone's makeup bag. C'mon, we've all purchased one before, right? Although the brand offers a wide range of hues, its nude shades are some of the most flattering around.

Take the difficulty and messiness out of applying regular shadow with this compact color stick. Not only is it efficient, but the shade range is absolutely gorgeous.

A facial mist is key for makeup prep, as well as refreshing and treating the skin. This blend of herbs, rosewater and aloe in this skincare cocktail is a huge fan favorite.

If Kim Kardashian and J.Lo have this stocked on their vanities, then you know it's good. The ultra-rich texture creates a perfect canvas on your complexion, with or without makeup.

For those days you need a little extra coverage, try this concealing foundation. It really does last all day, but you won't be left with an uncomfortable finish on the skin.

When you're not in the mood for lipstick, swipe on this sheer balm instead. It'll give your lips the hydrating love they deserve, but a slight glossy finish.

For an added boost of hydration, add an essence to your daily skincare regime. It helps your skin absorb serums, oils and treatments far deeper than just the surface.

Get rid of any unwanted shine or seal your makeup perfectly with this translucent powder. We promise you won't be left with the much-feared white overcast.

MAC's lip pencils are just are just as popular as its lipsticks. Pair this with your favorite shade, and you'll be left with a much more voluminous pout.