This New Beauty Trend Is Summer’s Answer To Contouring

Beauty trends can run the gamut these days, from decidedly practical (color-correcting) to downright weird (clown contouring). The latest, albeit not groundbreaking, thankfully falls into the former. A hybrid of contouring and strobing, non-touring is taking the Internet by storm on account of its low-maintenance, minimalist approach to makeup. The goal of non-touring is to naturally sculpt the face with primer, a light foundation and highlighter for a fresh, dewy face as the focal point of the look. Think the usual approach Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid take—a glowy, lit-from-within effect that never looks caked on, only artfully illuminated to give that “no makeup” makeup effect. Just in time for summer, this pared-back trend is one we can get on board with.