The Buzzy Beauty Buys We’re Stocking Up On Right Now

Just like the fashion world, the beauty industry is an ever-evolving and changing landscape with buzzy new products popping up on the daily. This can make shopping for hair, makeup and skincare essentials a bit of a mission, and a futile one at that, if you don’t know where to start. Since it’s our job to keep you informed on the latest and greatest everything, we’re taking the reigns on your next beauty haul. From a multitasking straightener that delivers both sleek and beach-waved hair to the purifying clay mask that will literally be your saving grace this summer, here are the 10 buzzy beauty products you need to know about right now.


Hello, Gorgeous

Those of us who have already caught on to the trick of using a hair straightener to get beach waves know that it is not the easiest one to master, mainly because most flat irons are not specifically designed to curl hair (hence the words "flat" "straighten"). However, this innovative new tool from TYME is a literal twofer in that in that it can give you sleek and smooth strands as well as natural-looking waves, thanks to its innovative curved shape. We're all about the multitaskers.

Move over coconut oil, the rejuvenating power of moringa oil is stealing your thunder. The brainchild of widely respected beauty influencer Allison McNamara, Mara Beauty's inaugural Universal Face Oil is designed to be just that—a one-stop shop for all skin types. Featuring a signature blend of algae and moringa oil, this all-natural formula will pack your skin with essential nutrients, leaving it with a radiant glow that lasts way past your morning coffee run (trust us—we tried it and we're believers!).

Star Skin

Don't let the name (or packaging) fool you. There are no needles involved in this at-home skincare treatment—but your face won't know the difference. Yep, this non-invasive transdermal pack uses innovative micro-capsules of hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells that are shaped like pyramids to create punctures in the skin's top layer. Once penetrated, the skin-saving cocktail gets to work in blurring out fine lines and wrinkles and improving the skin's texture and tone. So you're basically reaping the benefits of a professional micro-needling service, sans the doctor's visit and wallet-burning price tag. Thank you, science.

Hey, city-dwellers, listen up. If your skin is a casualty of smog, pollution and the elements in general, you're gonna want to stock up on this pink stuff stat. Featuring a purifying Aussie blend of Kakadu plum and old man weed (both Australian botanicals), this mask will literally zap your skin of bacteria and also overload it with antioxidants to prevent future damage. We'll take five jars.

This potent shampoo proves that big things come in small packages. Perfect for dry, heat-ravished hair, this powerful rainforest-grown formula replenishes your strands of much-needed moisture, hydration and nutrients.

We've been fans of Lawless makeup for some time, so when the brand rolls out a shiny new product, we are all ears, eyes and face. Formulated for all skin types, this new foundation formula allows for buildable coverage that looks fresh and radiant, as opposed to thick and cakey. Sounds pretty ideal for the hot and humid days ahead.

Summer days are perfect for shiny and bright lips, and this new number from Limecrime delivers just that. We love this versatile nude-pink shade that literally works for every seasonal ensemble in our wardrobe.

The makers of the Insta-famous lipstick have done it again with their latest eyeshadow launch. Featuring highly pigmented metallic shades, these hues are not for the faint of heart. Only wear if you're willing to stand out all day every day.

Forget everything you heard about glitter being exclusive to winter holiday looks. This season, gold, bronze and silver are appearing at every clam bake, barbecue and pool party—and we're thrilled. If you want to keep the shine subtle, swipe this eyeliner across your top lash line for a flash of sparkle that's stunning, yet demure.

If you grew up on NARS' Orgasm Blush, you know why this new lip color is a big deal. The cult-favorite peachy-pink shade has officially made its way from our cheeks to our lips, and we're losing it.