Microshading Is The New Microblading, But Better

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Valle

In recent months, microblading has rocked the beauty world by giving the gift of full brows to those with thin, light or patchy arches. We've watched in awe as artists tattoo hair-like strokes in Instagram videos, we've heard one success story after another from our friends, and we've read all about the process in articles posted across the internet. For many, microblading is the best beauty invention to date. However, that's all about to change.

Microshading, the new and improved version of microblading, has us intrigued for a couple of reasons. First, the process involves tattooing tiny dots to create the illusion of a filled-in brow as opposed to actual hair. For those who don't love the long, uniform strokes of microblading, this gives you a whole new look. Also, microshading is perfect for girls with sensitive or oily skin because it takes better to the skin and isn't as rough on the area.

In case you're wondering, this dotted technique lasts just as long as microblading—three years or so.