5 Essential Makeup Tips To Know By Age 40

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Beauty Wisdom

Fact: Our skin changes as we get older and has to be catered to differently at various stages of life. Sure, we've all learned just about everything we can on preventing signs of premature aging and such, but at the end of the day, the best thing we can do is embrace who we are in our skin. When it comes to the fourth decade of life, there are five essential makeup tips that can always be helpful for keeping your complexion looking radiant and youthful. Ahead, what to remember once the time comes to prep, prime, apply and set at 40.

Filling in your eyebrows is likely already part of your makeup routine, but it becomes extra important as you get older. As we mature, we lose the thickness of our brows and filling in gaps becomes more vital as they, in turn, become more noticeable. Grab your favorite pencil, pomade or gel and get to work.

Fine lines and texture will likely start to present themselves on the skin more at this point. It's extra important to apply a rich moisturizer prior to a single drop of makeup if you don't want it to crease throughout the day.

Getting older doesn't mean you should stray away from your beloved eye shadows, but you may need to switch your signature color palette. Darker shades have a tendency to make the eyes look smaller. For a more youthful look, stick to neutral shades that widen and open the eyes to enhance their natural vibrancy.

The same rule for your skin also applies to your lips. Your lips will begin to show more lines and texture and therefore matte formulas won't be as flattering as they once were. Satin, creams, gels and sheer formulas will still give you a gorgeous color and finish.

An eyelash curler will become increasingly valuable as you age in that it helps open up your eyes. Lifted and curled lashes make the eyes look brighter and more awake.