The Guide To Organizing Everything In Your Vanity

by Stephanie Montes

Filling our shopping carts with makeup is all fun and games … until we get home and have nowhere to store it. Instead of tossing your lipsticks, eyelashes and bobby pins in a bag where they’ll all jumble together, shop the best organizers to keep everything in sight and top of mind. Ahead, the trays, stands and cases for the most orderly assortment of products you’ve ever seen—don’t be surprised if you start getting ready way faster.


Clean Up Your Act

Nail Polish Shelf

24-Piece Lipstick Case

Essentials Holder

Eyelash Case

Makeup-Brush Stand

Expandable Over-The-Sink Catchall

3-Drawer Makeup Organizer

Cusomizable Palette Stand

Hot Tool Caddy

Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder