These Makeup Mistakes Are Making You Look Older

We go to great lengths to preserve our youthful complexion, so why do anything to undermine all that effort? Yet, when applying our daily products, we often unknowingly commit beauty blunders that make us look older than we are. Here, discover nine common age accelerators, and get our tips on how to correct them for a gorgeous, radiant result every time.


Forever Young

You're Using The Wrong Foundation Color

Matching your foundation to your skin is key in achieving a flawless canvas. Go too light and you'll end up looking washed out, which emphasizes discoloration and fine lines. Go too dark and you'll find your complexion dull and dragged down. Get our expert tips on finding the right foundation shade here.

You're Making Your Skin Too Matte

Luminosity is the secret to a youthful complexion. If you have dry or mature skin, we suggest a hydrating foundation in lieu of a matte option, which can settle into fine lines and make you look flat. As for powder, choose a fine, translucent version that'll set your base for a long-lasting, non-greasy result without drying.

Your Lip Color Is Too Dark

Lighter shades with a hint of shine make lips look plumper and bring radiance to your whole face. The wrong dark shade can dull your skin and make you look older. As a daily choice, a pretty natural pink is foolproof to enhance your lips' natural hue.

You're Only Lining The Bottom Lash

Lining just the bottom lash immediately brings down your eyes. Instead, line the top and apply a soft shimmery champagne color to the inner bottom rim to brighten up.

You're Overdoing Your Brow Arch

While you don't want caterpillar brows, we suggest creating a straighter, more subtle shape—arches that overtly point up can age you. Try a brow powder for a soft, feathery result.

You're Applying Bronzer Incorrectly

Bronzer should go along or right above the hollows of the cheeks—blend upward. To know how far you should extend the color inward, measure from the outer corner of your mouth with three fingers, which indicates the farthest point for blending. You'll avoid sunken cheeks. Don't forget to sweep along the temples and jawline to balance out the color.

Your Smoky Eye Is Too Dark

A gray-black smoky eye can be interpreted as young and sexy, but the harsh, dark colors can also look blunt on the skin and make your eyes look smaller. Instead opt for a softer palette of brown and bronze shades for a more natural look.

Your Blush Is Too Bright

There's nothing more aging than a spot of clown-like color on the center of the cheek. For a natural flush, use a cream stick and blend toward the ear. Better than a powder option, it sinks into the skin for a lit-from-within glow.

Your Concealer Is Cakey

For a more radiant result, mix your cream concealer with a lightweight moisturizer. Dab it directly on your dark circles and fine lines with your ring finger and set it with a damp sponge so it's properly absorbed.