You’re Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Wrong If You’re Not Doing This

Cleaning our makeup brushes isn’t exactly our favorite thing to do, but it is necessary. Getting rid of excess product buildup and bacteria really is the key to preventing breakouts and other flare-ups that can occur as a result of dirty brushes.

The process typically spans two simple steps: washing our brushes with a cleanser and setting them to dry. However, one beauty vlogger has pointed out a step that could make the process more worthwhile, as it serves to enhance the life of our brushes: combing through the bristles. After a deep cleaning session, not all your brushes’ bristles stay in good shape, but it doesn’t have to be this way according to Jeeshan Umar.

In her video, Jeeshan takes a small wide-toothed comb to her brushes after they’ve dried. This step removes any bristles that have already separated from the brush barrel and gotten tangled up in the rest. Makes sense, right? This way, when reapplying makeup after cleaning your brushes, you won’t get any excess bristles falling onto your face. It’s a quick and easy step, but it’s a genius one. Take a look at the video below for a closer look at how it’s done.