MAC’s Color-Changing Lip Oils Are A Lip Gloss Lover’s Dream

Ivan Lattuada/IMAXTREE.COM

M.A.C. Cosmetics rolls out new products quicker than we can say "new products." Most recently, the brand finally hopped on the color-changing bandwagon. The new Hint of Colour Lip Oil has transformative powers similar to that of Winky Lux's viral flower lipstick: Each vibrant hue morphs upon application as it adjusts to your body's pH levels and provides an iridescent sheen (the biggest lip trend of the summer). The final result is an ultra-glossy, high-shine pink. There's a catch, however. The oils aren't available for purchase in the US right now. At the moment, they're being sold throughout Asia and there's no word on whether they'll ever actually reach us stateside. So if you're jetting around the world on a summer getaway, you know what to do. Either way, scroll down to see them.