The Latest Eyebrow Trend Makes Us Feel Weird

If we sat here and analyzed every beauty trend that goes viral, we’d never leave our desks. However, one look in particular has us raising our eyebrows (pun intended) and seemingly grew to popularity overnight. Makeup artist Stella Sironen jokingly posted a photo on Instagram of what she calls feather brows, encouraging followers to make it a trend, and that’s exactly what they did.

Now let us be clear that this is not the same feathery brow Mario Dedivanovic likes to create on his number-one client, Kim Kardashian. This involves the glue sticks we used in elementary school, applied directly to skin. While we typically rely on gel or pomade to keep things set in stone, the beauty world (of course) had to take it to the next level. The result is a set of arches that look like bird feathers, and we feel really weird about it.

Stella clarifies it was in fact meant to be a joke, but Instagrammers went crazy for it. Apart from the fact that an eyebrow no longer looks like an eyebrow, putting glue on your face sounds like a breakout waiting to happen. We’ll leave this one to the Internet, but meanwhile check out the look below.