Lush For Blush

by The Zoe Report

Ever since we were old enough to crawl onto the bathroom counter and play with our mom’s makeup, we have been fascinated with blush. Whereas we used to beam in clown cheeks, as adults we know just how to create the perfect sun-kissed glow. Of course, we couldn’t do it without the help of seriously chic cosmetics, like Lancôme’s Limited Edition Blush In Love.

At your grasp in two coquettish colors—Coral Electric and Urban Ballet—each pretty powder is positioned to warm up your face gorgeously. Apply the shade that speaks most to your tone with an oversized brush, then to achieve a dewy effect, simply spritz on a refreshing mist. Next time you find yourself in doubt about your makeup look, don’t be afraid to blush.

Availability: Lancôme Limited Edition Blush in Love ($49). For additional information, visit Lancome-usa.com.