This Is Exactly How Kim Kardashian Gets Her Eyebrows Shaped to Perfection


While many people envy Kim Kardashian’s infamous derriere, we beauty junkies tend to lust after her perfectly arched eyebrows. Our own brow regimens consist of filling in with powder, pomade or tinted gel and heading out the door, but Kim’s routine, like her life, is anything but ordinary. Maybe you’re familiar with the magic packaged into the cult-followed Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow range? Well, it should come as no surprise that Kim is a fan, and that her brows aren’t just a result of the products—they’re crafted by the guru herself, Anastasia Soare. “I didn’t really know the importance of a good eyebrow until I met her,” Kim says.

Lucky for anyone subscribed to Kim’s website or mobile app, the duo have filmed a full step-by-step breakdown on how to get gorgeous brows. When it comes to shaping, Anastasia uses the three-point rule, which involves using a pencil to measure from the middle of the nostril to the inner corner of the eyebrow, then the outside corner of the nose to the corner of the eyebrow, and lastly the tip of the nose to the middle of the iris. Ahead, straight from the video, are Anastasia’s seven steps to a perfect set.

1. Start by waxing excess brow hair.

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2. Trim brows and prep with an eye cream.

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3. Use foundation to define the shape of the brows.

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4. Fill in sparse brows with a pencil.

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5. Brush through brows for an even look.

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6. Use brow gel to set brows in place.

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7. Use highlighter under your brows for an instant lift.

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With so many products and tools available, Anastasia’s tips will make your routine a lot less overwhelming. Watch the full tutorial by subscribing to Kim’s official app.

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