The Right Way To Apply Lipstick, According To A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Take one look at Jasmine Tookes and you’re immediately captivated by her glowing skin and enviable pearly whites. Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the supermodel is obviously blessed with great genes but she also has a ton of beauty tricks up her sleeve. In fact, she’s quite the makeup pro, as evidenced by her latest video tutorial. Cutting all corners, Jasmine manages to pull off her stunning everyday look in just a few minutes. While she’s an expert at getting her complexion ready and her highlighter to the next level, one trick involving lipstick application delivered us some serious inspo. The model opts not to apply any color directly from the tube itself, but rather smudges it on with a finger for that just-kissed or “cherry stain” look, as she calls it. Not all of us love heading out for the day in full head-to-toe glam, so seeing a top model’s low-maintenance approach to beauty is certainly refreshing. How to get her signature look, below.