Crazy New Innovative Beauty Products To Buy Now

We all have those moments in the beauty department when we think to ourselves, who came up with this genius idea? Lately, there’s been a surge in cool beauty ideas that make for a more convenient, savvy application and optimization of purpose. Here, eight I-wish-I-thought-of-that buys we can’t wait for you to try.


The New Crop

Mask Primer

Make the most of your face masks by prepping with this primer spritz, which helps improves product spreadability and infusion while keeping your skin hydrated and soothed.

Bi-Phase Foundation

If a luxe skincare product and a gorgeous foundation had a baby, this would be it. Just shake it up to mix the pure pigments with the oils for a beautifully nourished, silky finish.

Lip Primer & Plumper

This genius tube preps the lips for long-lasting, smooth color application while simultaneously making your pout fuller.

Press-On Lashes

Gone are the days of spending 20 minutes on one fake lash (only to rip it off out of frustration in the end). With these stupidly easy-to-apply lashes, which are preloaded onto an applicator, you'll never be late to a girls' night out again.

Liquid Face Mask

Yes, you read that correctly. Just add the formula to water and pat onto skin for the shortest face mask experience ever—15 seconds, to be exact.

Adaptable Lip & Cheek Color

Forget fussing with which lipstick matches which blush. Go for this two-in-one makeup stick that adapts to your complexion, leaving a pretty sheer shade on your cheeks and pout that complements your skin.

Steaming & Cooling Face Mask

This detoxifying duo is every dirty pore's worst nightmare. The charcoal powder mask steams the face to exfoliate and extract unwanted sebum, while the second one cools the skin down to tighten and calm.

Sunscreen Oil

Combining eight essential oils with SPF 30, this lightweight hybrid of sunscreen and moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and protected without leaving a greasy film on your face.