6 Things All Women With Flawless Makeup Do

Ivan Lattuada

There are two kinds of women in this world: The ones whose makeup always looks perfect (even at 5pm) and the ones whose makeup starts running the minute they leave the house. If you’re constantly wondering how the latter group remains flawless-looking at all hours, chances are you could benefit from their tips. Here, six things that will help your makeup last all day, and all night, so you can finally be one of those girls.


Always On, All The Time

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your skin will give you a super smooth base to work with, and will help your makeup stay on longer.

Always Wear A Primer, Always

Primer is the first step in making your makeup completely bulletproof. Apply it to a clean face for better color payoff, a smoother canvas and long-lasting wear.

If Needed, Apply Even More Primer

If you get oily eyelids or a shiny nose, help your makeup stay put with a second coat of primer. This time, apply an eye shadow primer (yes, even on the nose) with your fingers to mattify and prep your base.

Bake Your Makeup

Don't knock it 'til you try it. Applying a generous coat of translucent powder over your foundation and concealer to set your makeup (before brushing off excess) will ensure that your makeup lasts all day and night. If you tend to get oily, this is the best way to keep your skin completely matte.

Use A Setting Spray

Once you've set your makeup with a setting spray, it will stay there for hours—seriously.

Reapply As Needed

It takes two seconds. Reapply your lipstick, blot off excess oils, powder your nose and check for raccoon eyes—it makes all the difference.