The Best Hacks For Cleaning Makeup Brushes Fast

by Stephanie Montes
Matteo Scarpellini

We all have that one beloved makeup brush we rely on for everything (we know we’re not the only ones using an eye-shadow brush to contour and highlight). But the problem with having a chosen one? You can’t transition quickly between colors. Well, thanks to these hacks you’ll now seamlessly move from one shade to the next without waiting hours for your brush to dry. So go ahead, use it with abandon. Who says it’s wrong to play favorites?


Brush It Off

The more you can avoid using water, the less time you'll have to wait for your brush to dry. In a pinch, textured pads and rough sponges remove excess pigment without having to soak your brushes. However, we don't recommend this as a method for disinfecting your tools—you'll need a good wash for that.

Whether you choose a foam or a spray, quick-drying formulas are the fastest way to disinfect the surface of your brush without waiting hours. Once you've spritzed it on, blot your brush on a cotton T-shirt to remove excess moisture before continuing with your makeup.

Pre-packaged wipes are the best option for cleaning bristles in between colors and while traveling. Swirl the brush onto your wipe until pigments are released.