This Drugstore Soap Will Make Your Beautyblender Like New Again

by Stephanie Montes

If you’re anything like me, you swear by your Beautyblender but also hate cleaning it. It’s so satisfying to see makeup just melting off of the pink sponge, but nothing drives me more insane than not being able to get the stains out. I challenge even the most domestic, Martha Stewart type to get those unsightly traces of foundation out of my applicator without tearing the sponge or leaving behind a soapy residue.

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I used to wash my sponges with good old-fashioned dish soap—it works wonders on oily products like foundation and cream blushes, but I still had to force myself to ignore the stubborn spots left behind. (For the record, I’m not knocking dish soap—I still swear by it for makeup brushes). Let it be known I’m no Martha Stewart, but I stumbled upon a miracle soap that not only lifts those stains, but also disinfects my Beautyblender (because there’s no telling what’s actually inside the squishy tool).

A little backstory: I recently got my ear pierced and received a mini bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap for aftercare cleaning. This disinfecting soap is formulated without dyes, whiteners or synthetic fragrances and is packed with certified organic essential oils, so it wouldn’t irritate my sensitive piercing. Fact: A product can only qualify as a disinfectant when it can kill 99% of germs. When I learn this, I break out all of my Beautyblenders and get to washing.

Photo: @drbronner

The soap is as natural as it gets so the smell is earthy, but I like that, and unlike most non-toxic formulas, this one delivers a serious lather. I started with a tiny drop (a little goes a long way) and massaged it into my wet Beautyblender. I only wish you could feel the excitement I experienced when makeup just rinsed off. (Small wins!) As for the stains, the marks seemed much lighter, but when I followed with a second wash, they were definitely gone for good.

Finally, my makeup sponges are clean in every sense of the word. They look new again, but what’s even more important, they’re disinfected. Also, since the soap is such a natural wonder, it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Oh, and did I mention, the 2 oz. bottle (which will actually last you forever) is only $2. I know, maybe someday you can repay me for this valuable information, just maybe.