This Game-Changing Hack Will Change The Way You Apply Mascara

If there’s one thing all makeup lovers can agree on, it’s that we’re always looking for ways to make applying our makeup easier and more effective. When it comes to mascara, we’ve all learned a trick or two—such as the right direction to use a wand or what wand is best for our eye shape. Actress Kristen Bell has a genius mascara application hack herself, and it includes forgoing the wand entirely.

According to E! , Kristen uses a fan brush to apply her mascara. The result is the fuller, longer lashes we all covet and a curve that’s envy-worthy. To try the trick yourself, sweep the fan brush across the mascara wand to deposit the color onto the fan’s bristles; then wiggle the brush back and forth across the base of the lashes all the way to the tip, and voilà—your peepers are ready. Be sure to shop from the selection of fan brushes below, handpicked by us.

Brush Away