This Is The New Highlighter Trend You Need To Try

by Stephanie Montes

When you think of a good highlighter, images of shiny-yet-colorless cheekbones may come to mind. While no two illuminators have ever been created equal, up until recently your most elaborate options ranged from shimmery to more shimmery. Some do have a warmer glow (golden, at best), but the variety can still felt pretty slim—especially when compared to the more extensive blush category. If you can give your cheeks a flush in any color, from orange and pink to red and purple, why must their shiny counterparts be so limited? Now, there’s good news! The most recent set of highlighters combine the glowing power of a highlighter and the shade options of a blush. Think: Iridescent shades of pinks and purples to give your cheekbones some oomph. Here, shop our favorite colorful highlighters that’ll do more than just make you shine.


Shine In Color