These Snapchat-Inspired Looks Are Perfect For Girls Who Hate Wearing Costumes

by Stephanie Montes

We all have at least one or two friends who wait all year for Halloween and take joy in carefully planning out their look, months in advance. On the other hand, there are girls who can think of nothing more stress-inducing than having to come up with the perfect not-too-scary, not-too-skimpy, head-to-toe costume. For these girls, we found a low-key way for you to celebrate the spooky day without looking like a dud or feeling completely uncomfortable at a costume party. They’re so easy, you even get to still wear your fave fall outfit. Here, five genius Snapchat-inspired hair and makeup looks. Now, take all the fun selfies you want, without worrying about losing them in 24 hours.


Butterfly Crown

Some creative paper crafting can result in butterflies just as whimsical as the ones on the fairy-tale filter.


Puppy Face

Give a whole new purpose to your contouring kit this Halloween when you draw a puppy nose on yourself.


The Deer And The Bee

Break out your bright eye shadows and enlist the help of an artistic friend. You can be the deer and she can be the bee.


Flower Crown

Some more paper crafting for you. But note, the particular paper placement and shades of color is what makes this look so recognizable.