12 Essential Makeup And Hair Tools To Snag On Amazon

Davide Gallizio

Amazon has already proved it has an epic beauty section. You can find deals on your favorite products that are nonexistent elsewhere, as well as a slew of new options to add to your beauty arsenal. Two of our favorite things to purchase from Amazon are hair and makeup tools, as they’re both affordable and on-trend with a lot of the most popular items today. Here, we’ve selected a dozen of our go-to hair and makeup essentials at deals that are too hard to pass up.

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This set includes 15 makeup brushes to perfect everything from your foundation to your eye shadow.

As one of the trendiest applicators of the moment, this silicone makeup sponge allows you to use less product than other tools.

Mix together shades for your complexion or even your lips with this handy palette and spatula set.

Take your brush-cleansing method to the next level by getting off all the grime with these ridged mats.

These disposable wands are a great way to avoid clumpy or excess mascara upon application.

Make sure you get a good look at all of your hard work with this dual-sided illuminating vanity mirror.

To get a quick blow-dry, blast this multi-speed tool before heading out the door.

Infuse moisture to the hair and scalp with this tourmaline bristle brush that doesn't take away any shine.

This cult-favorite hair straightener will ensure your sleekest 'do yet.

Do away with any knots and kinks throughout your strands with this compact detangler.

Ideal for every hair length, this interchangeable curling wand can accomplish everything from ringlets to waves.

This easy-to-use trimmer will rid of any split ends or breakage in one quick swipe.