Hacks For Getting Out The Door Quickly Every Morning

Once you’ve peeled yourself from your bed, the biggest a.m. struggle is getting though a multi-step beauty routine without being late for work. If you’re sick of rushing out the door with only half of your face beautified (we’ve all been there), try these five ways to save time during those precious morning moments.


Mornings Made Easy

Sleep With Buns

Ever get to the office late because you were busy taming and styling your hair? RZ happens to love this preventative trick: Apply a leave-in conditioner to towel-dried hair the night before, then part your tresses in the middle, twist each side into buns (à la Princess Leia) and secure with elastics. Finger rake and shake in the morning for effortless, loose waves and hydrated, frizz-free locks.

Shower The Night Before

Easily save 20 minutes by showering at night. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and eager to start getting ready. Extra tip: Use a body wash infused with nourishing oils to shave off extra time spent moisturizing.

Hydrate Overnight

Overnight masks provide so much hydration while you snooze that you'll wake to glowing skin. Translation? Fewer morning skincare products.

Stock Up On Multi-Purpose Products

Downsize your daily beauty essentials by choosing three or four products that have multiple uses—such as an easy cushion foundation with SPF, a lip-and-cheek duo and an illuminating bronzer that also works as an eye shadow, highlighter and contour tool. See if you can streamline your routine to under 10 minutes.

Combine Your Morning Routines

Think about it: You can save so much time by multitasking. Apply your makeup while the coffee is brewing, listen to a news podcast while brushing your teeth or even do some morning stretches as you skim emails on your phone.