This Buzzy New $16 Mascara Is Totally Worth The Hype—Here’s Why

Full disclosure: I was born with naturally long lashes. I would love to take full credit and claim all the bragging rights for this, but I can only applaud my mother for passing on her good lash genes to me. And while I appreciate and adore all citizens of the makeup world, mascara has never been a product I’ve been particularly picky about. I’ll gladly shelve out hard-earned cash for a solid foundation, lipstick and all the skin care, but I typically settle for drugstore formulas that cost no more than $7 or $8 when it comes to treating my lashes.

So when Glossier’s new Lash Slick mascara landed on my desk a few days ago, I honestly didn’t think much about it. I’m a huge fan of the brand’s skincare (the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is my jam), but I’ve never fully immersed myself in its makeup. However, I slowly began hearing rumblings of the magic of this mascara formula (which comes in deceivingly unassuming pink packaging, á la Glossier). So, in the name of investigative journalism, I decided to put it to the test. I strolled into work sans mascara and my trusty eyelash curler, which I always use. So, you know I meant business.


The Ultimate Mascara Test

Now, reiterating what I said before, my lashes are already long. However, they always need to be curled, which my previous mascaras have never been able to do on their own. After making my morning cocktail of coffee and Stevia, I plopped myself down and applied a couple coats of the mascara onto each lash. After the second swipe, I saw a change. My lashes not only looked curled and even longer than before, but they looked natural. No clumpy, tarantula-looking eyes for this girl (which is a common problem I've quietly endured over the years). My eyes looked instantly perky and awakened in a matter of seconds.


Another bonus benefit to this little wonder: No color shedding. You know that little feathering that can appear on the lower lash line or the gross buildup that can accumulate in the inner corners of the eyes? Not happening. I checked in on my peepers throughout the day and there was not a hint of black shadowing or goop in sight (I typically have to do quite a bit of mascara cleanup by midday, so this was huge for me). In fact, one co-worker even mentioned that it didn't look like I had mascara on at all. It just seemed like I woke up with naturally long lashes.

Overnight, the product and facial feature I had never prioritized became valuable assets to me. But at $16 a pop for this game-changing mascara, I think the ROI is more than worth it. I'm a believer.

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