The New Genius Product That Diminishes Your Pores Entirely (Or Appears To)


While it's already been proven that you can't actually shrink your pores, we won't let that negativity stop us from trying. Just kidding, but we can conceal them pretty well, thanks to one miracle beauty product—primer. Yes, this little pre-foundation wonder can really set the tone (literally) for that airbrushed finish we all love. Keywords like mattifying and blurring are crucial when you're on your search.

One of our favorite brands, Givenchy Beauty, just unveiled a brand new primer that does both beautifully: The Matte and Blur Primer Stick. The best part is that it's compact enough to stash in your bag or wherever you prefer. The formula is ideal in that it eliminates shine, blurs imperfections and refines the texture of your skin. The reason the product itself is pink is to make it universal for all skin tones. That's right, it's literally one-stick-fits-all. Apply before makeup for a velvety finish or dab it on throughout the day to keep specific areas matte and shine-free. For just $38 you'll have a new staple that could be the answer to all your makeup woes. We'll take it.