Why You Should Try The Smoky Lip Trend Right Now

by Stephanie Montes

In beauty banter, the term ‘smoky’ usually refers to a dark, smoldering eye shadow. But now, thanks to a couple of cool new products, the smoky look can be applied to your lips too. Lipstick Queen, the brand known for innovative lip products (like their popular transformative green lipstick), has released a 2-part lip kit created to layer a shimmery black lipstick over a nude pink. The effect is a slightly darker (or shall we say smokier) and shinier shade of lipstick. The Estée Edit also recently launched the Lip Flip Shade Transformer in a black color called Turn Down. When layered on top of any lipstick in your vanity, it darkens the original hue.

We’ve already mastered creating our own custom-blended lipsticks using a few household items, but unless you have a free Saturday afternoon on the calendar, layering multiple shades directly on your lips is perfect for the girl on the go. Here, shop Lipstick Queen’s new lip kit—yes, the term ‘lip kit‘ also seems to be having a moment—and The Estée Edit’s shade transformer. Plus, we’ve also selected a few other dark lipsticks for you to layer, or if you prefer, wear them alone. We happen to know that goth lips will be trending this fall.


Smoky Lips