The Makeup Secrets French Girls Swear By


Oui Oui!

One thing we can all agree on is that French women manage to look effortless all the time. So how exactly do they pull this off? It's not exactly rocket science, but they definitely have a few tried-and-true tricks up their sleeves that seem to work like a charm. After spending some time observing and researching the elusive Gallic beauties, we managed to uncover some of their best-kept secrets. Check them out ahead, and make sure to take all the notes.

It All Starts With Skincare

French women are known for keeping their makeup minimal, seemingly to show off their radiant skin. Having a dedicated skincare routine is key before any makeup application. Be sure to use products that cater to your own skin type and concerns in order to maintain a youthful glow.

Ditch The Foundation

Since the Gallic gravitate toward the au naturel side, it's safe to ditch the heavy foundation. Instead cover any imperfections with an illuminating concealer. Why, you ask? Full-coverage and matte formulas are not the typical French girl way. Anything with a light, airy finish is preferred.

Focus On Your Cheeks

While complexions are typically kept in a natural state, cheeks are a different story. Highlighter and blush are your friends. Add some rosiness for a flattering natural flush, and an illuminator for glowing high points. Don't forget to also highlight the bridge of your nose, Cupid's bow and eyebrow arch.

And On Your Eyes...

Have you ever noticed how captivating a Parisian woman's eyes are? That's because they're another important part of their minimalistic makeup routines. It's all about the volume when it comes to mascara, and maybe a little liner here and there. For a night out, a smoky eye is in order, but it's definitely always about the lashes.

Find Your Best Red Lip

These rules wouldn't be complete without the classic French-girl lip. Whether you're a fan of the cool blue undertones or the warm oranges, choose whatever works best for you. Either way, a bold rouge lip color is the best way to top off your look.