We Tried This Insta-Famous Product, And This Is What Happened

If you’ve been checking your Instagram feed lately, you’ve likely seen a ton of glistening bodies suddenly appearing on it. No, it’s not a coincidence—it’s actually another beauty product going viral. This one has Rihanna’s stamp of approval, because it’s brand-new from her Fenty Beauty line. Earlier this month, RiRi herself teased the brand’s upcoming Body Lava. The teasers featured photos of her doused in a ton of body highlighter, and the result was beautiful. If you think only Rihanna is capable of such a glow, think again. We tried it on ourselves, and the effects were glorious.


Body Lava is available in two shades: Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes?! The first being a lustrous bronze and the latter being a glistening peach-gold sheen. The formula itself is a gel-based body luminizer, so you can literally apply it everywhere. If you were looking for a chance to be your most extra self, here it is. And with the commencement of festival season, this is the perfect time to give this glow a go.

First of all, it smells amazing—it's a vacation in a bottle thanks to the vanilla and floral accents. We went with the Brown Sugar shade and used a flat kabuki brush to apply it on our shoulders, collarbone arms and legs. We then dabbed a teeny bit onto our cheek bones (and emphasis on teeny because a little goes a long way). A major plus is that it doesn't need any drying time since it absorbs quickly like a moisturizer or serum!

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

The final result really is an all-over body glow, but not any ridiculous shininess. You'll be left looking like you just went island hopping, rather than disco-ball-esque. It gives your skin life and makes it look healthy and youthful. All in all, we our experience with this buzzy formula was a good one, so we'd definitely try it out again!