What It’s Really Like To Attend Fashion Week Like An Editor

by Karlee Smoot

New York Fashion Week is that time when editors from the top publications, bloggers and celebrities huddle in Manhattan to preview all the best trends for the year ahead. Getting photographed by a street-style photographer, catching cabs and rubbing elbows with fashion’s finest is all in a days work. Sounds glamorous, right? While it’s an exciting time for a fashion editor, it’s also full-fledged marathon that takes some serious preparation. We asked our very own Editorial Director, Nicky Deam, for her best tips on surviving the week-long fashion fest. Here are her words of wisdom.

Vanessa Jackman

Long Days Call For Expert Planning

What To Pack: 2 Lipsticks

"I rarely get a chance to go back to my hotel room and do a full outfit and beauty change between events, so I always pack two different lipsticks. A light pink or nude for daytime fashion shows and a berry shade for evening parties."

What To Pack: A Cute Phone Case

"If I had a nickel for every time I dropped my phone at a show, getting out of a cab or pulling it out of my bag to take an Instagram, I'd be rich."

What To Pack: An Organized Wallet

"A wallet with a built-in organizer is key to getting about the city in a hurry. I.D., check. Subway card, check."

What To Pack: Portable Phone Charger

"No editor will ever go to fashion week without have a backup charger (or two) in her bag. We're constantly taking pictures, checking emails, recording interviews and Snapchatting. It's our lifeline."

What To Pack: Chic Sunglasses

"The only thing that's optional at fashion week is a full-night's rest. Nothing a pair of designer sunglasses can't fix."

What To Pack: A Notebook

"As plugged in as we tend to be, nothing beats an old-fashioned notebook and pen for jotting down notes on the go."

What To Pack: Evening Earrings

"Another one of my favorite ways to take my look from day to night in the back of a cab, is to throw on a pair of sparkly chandelier earrings."

What To Pack: Earbuds

"Whether I'm winding down to an interesting podcast on the way home, or tuning out the fashion crowd chatter with my favorite song, trust me, earbuds come in handy."