The Beauty Serum That Sold Out In A Day Is Back At Sephora

Chances are you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed and spotted a familiar gold-speckled serum being used by a plethora of beauty influencers. It’s the Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir, a moisturizer and makeup staple all in one. When the much-discussed product made its way onto Sephora’s site and shelves, it completely sold out in just one day—and thankfully, it’s now back in stock.

Many beauty gurus use the elixir in their makeup tutorials, mixing it with their foundation for a more luminous finish. However, the formula can also be used as a daytime and/or overnight moisturizer for enhanced skin hydration, an under-eye solution to combat dullness and a lip treatment for a dry pout. What exactly makes it so special? Well, that’s all in the ingredients.

The gold flakes seen in the droplet applicator are in fact real speckles of 24-karat gold, which helps provide a natural-looking glow. Other ingredients include rose hip oil, pumpkin seed oil and Vitamin E, all of which work together to moisturize, protect and brighten the surface of the skin. The multipurpose formula will set you back $54, but judging by all its uses, it’s totally worth the splurge. Plus, the packaging itself is perfect for all those Instagram beauty shots.

Photo: Instagram/@farsalicare