How To Fake Fuller Brows

by Stephanie Montes
Alessandro Zeno/IMAXtree.com

By now you know that brows are meant to frame the face and as such, are an integral component of any beauty look. We tapped Jared Bailey, Global Brow Authority for Benefit Cosmetics, for his best tips on creating the best arches ever—even if you weren’t born with them. Spoiler: One of our favorite new tricks is to tease our brows. Just keep reading.



"There’s only one way to really thicken up the look of thinning brows. To tease, backcomb a volumizing brow gel from the end of the brow, all the way to the beginning. You’ll be working against the direction of growth, but this will help ensure those tiny fibers wrap all the way around the hair and give them extra volume. Next you want to tame them. Add a second layer of product, while combing the hair back in the right direction."


"If your brow hair is super thin or sparse, fill them in by making short hair-like strokes from the base of the brow in an upward movement towards the hairline. Slightly before approaching the arch of the brow start angling the direction of the strokes towards the temple all the way to the end of the brow. Remember, to create a very believable brow you want to move in the same direction your hair grows and leave some space in between each stroke. The contrast between the pencil and the skin will create the illusion of hair."


"All makeup, even brow makeup, looks better once it’s been blended. Brows should never be one continuous color from the start to the end. To make a brow look naturally thick, create a gradation of color throughout the brow by brushing off excess product with a spoolie brush and easing the color from the front portion of the brow to the end. This will mimic a brow's natural state where the hairs are a bit finer at the start and become more dense as you move throughout the brow."