5 Hacks That Make Your Eyeliner Last All Day

by Stephanie Montes

Let’s face it, getting your eyeliner to look perfect is no easy feat—admit it, you know you’ve tried everything from business cards to tape to score the perfect flick. We’re guilty too. That being said, when we finally get it just right, we want to make sure our hard work doesn’t go to waste in mere few hours. Thanks to these hacks, your eyeliner will stay looking fresh all day—and night—long.


Walk The Line

Prep With A Translucent Powder

Before applying any eyeliner, use an eye shadow brush to dust the area with a translucent powder. This gets rid of any oils you may have on your lids or lower lash line, which can prevent the liner from adhering to the skin.

Layer Your Liners

We love the precision of a liquid liner but some tend to smudge easily. Try lining the eye with a pencil liner first, then going over with a liquid to sharpen the edges.

Use A Waterproof Pencil

Getting the liner to stay on your waterline might feel impossible but that just means you're using the wrong one. Waterproof liner isn't limited to pool parties. The next time you line your waterline, use a waterproof eyeliner pencil.

Trace It With Concealer

Tracing your liner with a concealer (especially on the lower lash line), will create an invisible barrier that prevents smudging and feathering.

Set It With Eye Shadow

Get that cat eye to stay in place all day when you use an angled eyeliner brush to go over your liner with a black shadow. This will set your liner and make it completely smudge proof.