These Are The Most Popular Eye Shadow Palettes On Pinterest

Ivan Lattuada

Eye shadow palettes put the world at your fingertips—or at least an exponential number of looks and color combos that will cater to your every mood. Plenty of makeup junkies have found their go-to palette thanks to the power of Pinterest. Here, we’re sharing five beautiful kits that’ve been pinned by the thousands. Some are cult favorites, and others have more of a niche clientele. You’ll be surprised to see which snagged the number one spot—or maybe not.


Palettes Of Perfection


Matte eye shadow had its moment this year. This palette from Tarte holds 12 shadows in shades of beige, brown, pink and even deep purple.

Number of pins: 4.3K


For a mini palette, this versatile collection of eight matte shades ranging from sandy beige to charcoal gray can create any neutral or smoky look you desire.

Number of pins: 5.4K


The Balm cosmetics is known for its cutesy, retro-inspired product packaging and this palette is proof. In addition to nudes, you'll find a maroon, as well as a white base and a pure black.

Number of pins: 7K


It's no surprise that this cult favorite made the list. We can't think of a single makeup lover who hasn't tried one of Urban Decay's Naked palettes. The third rendition of the popular shadow collection is a favorite thanks to its variety of shiny and matte colors.

Number of pins: 10.6K


The most-pinned eye shadow palette on Pinterest is this 16-shade set. It features beige, purple, blue, green and gray in both shiny and matte finishes. You also get a mini primer as a bonus!

Number of pins: 32K