Editors’ Picks For Best Beauty Products: October 2017

Alessandro Zeno

Here at RZHQ, we love trying new beauty products—and it’s not lost on us that we’re lucky to have access to the latest and greatest from tried-and-true brands, as well as from emerging lines. But what good would it be if we kept our of-the-moment faves to ourselves? Each month, we share our current obsessions in hopes that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Ahead, our top picks for October.


October's Best In Beauty

"Erased 10 months of grad-school damage to my under-eye area in just a week. This is the stuff you'll want to reach for the morning after a breakup or one of your wilder girls' nights out."

—Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"My favorite moisturizer in a really long time! I've been using this for a few months now and it's been amazing to my skin. It absorbs quickly and nourishes even though the formula is lightweight. You don't need a lot either, which means it'll be worth the splurge. It smells fantastic and can be worn anytime during the year."

—Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

"I love the smell of roses and I love the name of this perfume even more. It's very sultry."

—Lauren Black, Content Analyst

"I'm a hyaluronic acid junkie and am constantly looking for new super-hydrating products. This moisturizing gel is lightweight and contains tamarind, aloe and antioxidant malachite, which means it respectively nourishes, soothes and protects skin against environmental stressors."

—Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I have really dry skin, so applying this before bedtime has improved my complexion tenfold. That, and I'm just desperately trying to buy into the whole 'live like a french girl' thing."

—Aidan Macaluso, Associate Manager, Social Media

"This cream gives me an instant glow. Whenever I spend a lot of time outside or my skin is just looking a bit tired, this always gives it a boost. It also smells so good."

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"I'm really feeling the bronze nail-polish trend right now, and since it can be hard to find the exact color you love at the nail salon, I decided to invest in my own shimmery shade."

—Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Manager Partnerships & CRM

"I just started using this natural cleanser. It makes my skin seriously so soft and glowy because it contains antioxidant-rich matcha and spirulina, plus hydrating aloe vera. Matcha is also packed with chlorophyll, which helps detoxify. And the powder-to-foam formula is fun to use."

—Erin Nicole, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"I try to be as low maintenance with my hair as possible, and TBH most mornings I let it air-dry during my (super-long) commute in LA traffic. That's why this salt spray is a godsend—I just towel dry, spray it on and go. It contains a combo of natural seed extracts and sea salt from Southern California, which help add body and texture to my hair without drying it out or making it frizzy. And it smells divine."

—Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"Fact: I love anything with a shimmery finish, so this illuminator is a clear winner for me. It delivers a lovely glow (that's not overwhelming) and gives my cheekbones a nice little lift."

—Angela Melero, Managing Editor

"I've been going blonder, and purple shampoo has been a savior to maintain a good tone. The next step that's been a game changer for me is a deep conditioning purple hair mask. My strands have a tendency to go yellow easily and this has really helped prevent that.”

—Laura Lajiness, Senior Fashion Editor

"I knew this was one of those cult-favorite foundations, but I somehow never got around to trying it. I picked it up two weeks ago and haven't put it down since. The amount of coverage I get from a single pump (without looking cakey) is actually incredible. I'm just mad at myself for not trying it sooner!"

—Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director

"I use this mask as a spot treatment on problem areas overnight. The sulfur really does work miracles in helping treat acne."

—Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor