Editors’ Picks For Best Beauty Products: November 2017

Here at RZHQ, we love trying new beauty products—and it’s not lost on us that we’re lucky to have access to the latest and greatest from tried-and-true brands, as well as from emerging lines. But what good would it be if we kept our of-the-moment faves to ourselves? Each month, we share our current obsessions in hopes that you’ll love them just as much as we do. Ahead, our top picks for November.


Editors' Picks For Best Beauty Products: November

"I put this oil on every night before bed and every morning before I put on my makeup and I swear it gives me a lasting dewy and moisturized face all day long. It also smells so good!"

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"I can't escape the draw of the artfully understated vision that is a brilliantly bold yellow shadow. It's the perfect accent for any fall look, but I'd happily wear it year-round."

Kristin Mahler, Graphic Designer

"The hype is real and I'm all for it. Everything in this palette is beyond pretty. The highlighter looks wet on top of the cheekbones in the best way—never greasy, only supermodel glowy. It's perfect for travel, too!"

Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

"As someone who doesn't love to wear lipstick daily, this lip balm is my go-to—it's lightweight, hydrating and has the perfect hint of rose color."

Marisa Runyon, Director of TV & Digital Video

"My skin has been insanely dry and dull, so I've revisited this hydration favorite of mine. After one use, my face feels instantly rejuvenated and rid of that uncomfortable tight feeling that comes with extreme dryness."

Laura Lajiness, Senior Fashion Editor

"My lips need all the help they can get, so a serum that plumps, softens and hydrates is basically a dream come true."

Lauren Black, Content Analyst

"This isn't like anything I've experienced before. The curved brush makes application incredibly easy, and my lashes look instantly longer and curled with just one swipe (so imagine them after a few strokes). While I'm normally the first to question a $67 mascara, this one goes above and beyond."

Rebecca Iloulian, Marketing Manager, Partnerships & CRM

"I'm a major fan of this scent but only recently picked up the lightweight hair fragrance that's perfect for just about any occasion. I usually mist it all over before a daytime date or quick dinner, and it even manages to keep a sweaty, post-yoga me smelling so fresh and so clean (until I find a shower, of course)."

Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"Composed primarily of bergamot, pink pepper and musk, this is the perfectly balanced scent. Plus, if I was someone who went on dates, I'd imagine the rollerball would be perfect to throw in your purse and quickly reapply in the evening."

Aidan Macaluso, Associate Manager, Social Media

"This powder is a staple in my makeup bag. I love that I can reapply SPF all day long without messing up my makeup (and it helps diffuse any shine!)."

Angela Melero, Managing Editor

"I love experimenting with new masks and different formulas, but I can always count on this one to get my face super clean and bright. It's my go-to when I need to get the job done on the first try."

Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director

"I'm obsessed with this pinky-brown lipstick—it's perfect for a natural look or as a complement to a bold eye makeup look. The formula is also super hydrating."

Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"This cream is a must for any low-maintenance skincare regimen. Not only does it serve as my daily SPF, its greenish tint balances out my redness and discoloration for an even, airbrushed look before I apply makeup."

Natalie Mattozzi, Senior Video Producer

"I've been looking for the perfect gold eye shadow for quite some time. This one gives me that chrome metallic finish I've always desired."

Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor