15 Beauty Brands You Didn’t Know Were Eco-Friendly

In addition to ensuring that products are cruelty-free, one of the biggest trends in beauty is going green. Many makeup buffs are seeking products that have natural ingredients, rather than formulas ridden with unsafe chemicals. With the market growing rapidly, you might be unsure which brands are actually eco-friendly. Don’t stress—here, we’re giving you a breakdown of the ones you should be trying now.

Going Green


Each Ilia product contains bio-active botanicals to treat and nourish the skin. The company aims to create the purest products possible, and it doesn't hurt that the line is also aesthetically pleasing.


Weleda derives their ingredients from organic biodynamic gardens, which means you’ll never find chemicals, pesticides, et al. in any products in the line.

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty products are formulated with raw, food-grade and organic ingredients in their natural state. The brand has made a conscious effort to use minimal heat in the manufacturing process in order to preserve nutrients and their healing properties.

Derma E

Derma E sources non-GMO ingredients from ethical sources. Their products aren't only pure, they're extremely effective and affordable.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper products are 100% natural, 100% of the time. The brand works with chemists, biologists and botanists to ensure that only the best natural ingredients are incorporated into each formula.

Josie Maran

Pure argan oil is Josie Maran's star ingredient. Each product in the line includes plant-based oils and extracts.

Clark's Botanicals

The botanically based formulas found in Clark's products are meant to balance the skin. They each include "jasmine absolute," which is an essential oil derived from nocturnally blooming flowers. The extract is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty prides itself on being transparent when it comes to their ingredient list. Each product starts with an organic botanical juice base, followed by effective antioxidants and minerals.


Tatcha is already a favorite among many beauty junkies, specifically because their products are both natural and effective. Their ingredient list includes unique plants and minerals, like pearl and gold.

W3LL People

W3LL People's cosmetics are 100% natural, and are formulated with organic ingredients. The line includes every product you'd ever need in your makeup bag.


Aveda products can be found in hair salons nationwide and are famous for consisting of all-natural ingredients. Their mission is to "care for the world we live in, from the products we make, to the ways in which we give back to our society."


Caudalie has become a cult favorite for skincare junkies, and the brand also has a celebrity fan base. In 2012 the company took their environmental advocacy further by ensuring that anyone who purchases its products is contributing to protecting the planet. According to the brand's website, Caudalie also joined the "1% for the planet" association.


Rahua was inspired by the beauty practices of women in the Amazon: specifically, by how they maintain their long, lustrous hair. "We are dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people that live there, and owe the native people a boundless debt for keeping the Amazon, its flora and its fauna in great health for thousands of years," the brand states on its site.


UMA's oils are made from plants that grow on a 100-acre meadow on the brand's own estate. "Our dedicated caretakers select only the finest seeds, and nurse their plants through the growing season–making sure to harvest each plant no more than two times before re-planting," its website explains.


YUNI was created with athletes and fitness-lovers in mind. Now that athleisure beauty is common, it was only a matter of time before it became eco-friendly as well. "We go out of our way to work with fair-trade growers who use eco-friendly cultivation and harvesting methods which are easy on the planet, and which support sustainable local businesses," the brand's site reads.