This New $14 Foundation Is As Good As (If Not Better Than) The Expensive Stuff

by Stephanie Montes
Alessandro Zeno

When it comes to makeup, a common misconception is that only the expensive products actually work. While we love a good splurge every now and again, nothing is more exciting to us than finding an affordable new beauty staple. When it comes to makeup that is budget-friendly and effective, NYX is high on our list of go-to brands, and their latest launch is definitely one for the books.

The Total Control Drop Foundation—complete with an actual glass dropper applicator—is the newest buildable foundation on the beauty block. With such elevated packaging and a formula to match, this foundation only seems like it would break the bank. Coming in at $14, the Total Control Drop Foundation will be available in 24 shades beginning on December 28. Affordable, buildable and an impressive range of shades? It’s like a triple threat.