This Is The Right Order To Apply Your Makeup, According To A Pro


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As much as we love to think we have our makeup routines down pat, there are still a few lingering questions we have in terms of application—particularly the order. And, believe it or not, the chronology of our products can impact the final result quite a bit. Since we want to ensure glowing, radiant skin every time, we got to the bottom of things and consulted a pro. With a celeb client roster that includes Paris Jackson and Ruby Rose, it's safe to say makeup artist Jo Baker knows her stuff. Ahead, see what she says is the ideal order to apply your makeup.

We all know that great makeup starts with great skincare. Prior to applying any color cosmetics, you want to make sure that your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized. Add a serum to lock in extra hydration and don’t forget eye cream to soothe the under-eye area.


The first makeup product you’ll want to reach for is your foundation. Blend it all in evenly and then, move on to concealer. Cover any spots or areas of concern and brighten any areas of your face that you want to highlight.


Enhance the overall shape of your face with bronzer and blush. Use your bronzer to chisel and sculpt the hollows of your cheeks and use your blush to add a natural flush to look more awake and healthy. Top off your cheeks with highlighter for extra radiance.


Not everyone is a fan of eye makeup but, if you are, this is your next step. For those who prefer a little bit of liner or just mascara, they should be included at this time as well.


Topping off your look with a lip color is the best part. Everything else should be perfected before applying lip liner, lipstick and/or gloss.