5 Common Contouring Mistakes That Are Actually Easy To Avoid

Let’s face it—the contouring trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Thanks to a certain very famous family, aka the Kardashians, chiseling your face has become a vital part of nearly everyone’s beauty routine. For those who aren’t makeup pros, contouring can turn messy, resulting in a look that’s disproportionate rather than sculpted. However, with a little prep, it really isn’t so difficult. First, determine your face shape and choose your go-to products accordingly. Next, click through and read up on the five most common contouring mistakes that are actually very easy to avoid. Now you’re ready. No regrets!

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Common Contouring Mistakes To Avoid

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Choosing A Shade That's Too Dark

Harsh lines are probably the most common contouring mistake, and often they're the result of choosing a bronzer that's too dark. Find an option that's about two shades darker than your natural skin tone to practice with.

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Using The Wrong Tools

When it comes to creating a road map for your face, make sure you have the proper tools. Contour brushes are much thinner than most, and many are angled for easy use.

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Not Blending Enough

We all know what a long, boring process blending your makeup can be, but it's absolutely essential. Without blending, you'll get harsh lines.

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Overdoing Your Highlight

Highlighting goes hand in hand with contouring, and it's meant to enhance certain features of your face. However, the last thing you want is for a camera flash to capture too much concealer under your eyes or on the bridge of your nose. Keep it subtle, and again, remember to blend.

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Not Setting

If you're looking to create a more intense contour, it's best to use a cream shade and set with a powder on top. Regardless, always use a setting spray when your look is complete to avoid a makeup disaster.