6 Common Concealer Mistakes You’re Probably Making And How To Fix Them

Choosing the right concealer is complicated enough—and applying it? Well that's a whole other story. One wrong move and instead of a flawless canvas you've got a creasing, cakey mess on your hands, er, face. To help you avoid these mistakes, we're bringing them to light. Here, six common concealer faux pas you're probably making (and how to avoid them).

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Skipping Primer

Great makeup starts with a great base, so you want to make sure you're primed to perfection. Apply an even layer across your face and neck to help your concealer and the rest of your makeup stay put all day long.

Applying Concealer Before Foundation

Foundation serves as a base to even out your skin tone, and concealer is meant to hide blemishes or spots left visible after the fact—not vice versa. Always apply and blend out your foundation first.

Using The Wrong Shade

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying concealer is choosing a shade that's too light. It should be two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and nothing more. If you go too pale, you'll end up highlighting your imperfections as opposed to concealing them—which entirely defeats the purpose.

Using The Wrong Formula

Select a concealer that will complement your skin texture and type, as some can highlight rather than conceal. An illuminating formula won't flatter oily skin, for example. Visit the makeup counter and test options to make sure you get the right one.

Using The Wrong Blending Tools

Yes, concealer is one of those products that's easy to apply with your fingers, but that doesn't mean you should always do so. While fingers are your best bet for the under-eye area, it's best to use a flat concealer brush on the rest of your face to get the best blend possible.

Not Setting Your Makeup

To avoid creasing or having your concealer disappear by 5pm, use a setting powder to keep it in place. Try the baking method: Place a thick layer of powder over concealed areas for five to ten minutes, then lightly dust it off.