The Can’t-Skip Last Step To Your Summer Beauty Routine

9 AM: You do one final check in the mirror to make sure your bronzer is blended and your lipstick hasn’t strayed before heading out the door. 9:45 AM: You walk into the office and don’t even need to pull out your compact to know that your once-flawless makeup from less than an hour ago is most definitely melting down your face. You’ve already mastered step one to scoring a budge-proof look, so what gives? It all comes down to the final step—or should we say, the final spritz. If you haven’t already incorporated setting sprays into your summer primping routine, right about now would be a good time to start. Thanks to unique polymers that help bind pigment to your skin, setting sprays are key to keeping colors vibrant and your beauty look intact, especially when humidity levels skyrocket. And because there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to beauty, we’ve rounded up our favorite setting sprays, from mattifying formulas for oily skin to SPF-infused multi-taskers. Ahead, discover the mists that are a must for makeup that lasts through even the most sweltering summer days.


Spritz To Set

For Oily Skin

We get it—the idea of adding more moisture to oily skin doesn’t exactly sound like the recipe for a flawless look. But hear us out. This unique mist is developed with Japanese white charcoal, whose detox powers know no bounds, so it helps balance skin’s moisture levels and impart a subtle matte finish. Your beauty look stays in place, and your complexion remains shine-free.

For Sensitive Skin

There’s no shortage of reasons why this lightweight spray is universally adored by makeup artists. To begin with, it locks your makeup look in place with some no-nonsense staying power. Add to that the fact that its soothing formula is packed with a refreshing, calming blend of green tea, chamomile and cucumber extracts, and you’ll understand why we have it set to “auto-replenish” in our shopping carts.

For On-The-Go

It defends against UV rays, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits courtesy of rosemary and mint, and is the perfect mid-day, revitalizing treat for your complexion. Really, what more could you want from a travel-friendly setting spray?

Best Budget Option

Bring on the dog days of summer. This quick-drying, mattifying finishing spray ensures your foundation remains flawless, your smoky eye never smears and your concealer won’t cake, no matter the temperature.

Budget-Friendly And Alcohol-Free

Not only is this moisturizing mist free of potentially irritating alcohol, it’s enriched with loads of nourishing ingredients like aloe, cucumber, green tea and Vitamins A, C and E. Your makeup remains budge-proof even in high heat, and did we mention it’s under $5 to boot? It’s like the unicorn of setting sprays.

Best SPF-Infused Formula

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite multi-tasking beauty essential. This innovative formula not only delivers a melt-proof, matte finish, it also protects skin against damaging UV rays and provides a rush of major moisture courtesy of hyaluronic acid. And just in case that’s not enough to impress you, take note: A single spritz of this cucumber- and aloe vera-infused mist will help diminish the appearance of pores and fine lines as well.

Best Post-Sunburn

There is no more refreshing solution for setting your makeup than this—pure, mineral-rich water. It’s especially ideal for when you’ve been a little too haphazard with applying sunscreen (read: ya got burnt). This gently soothing mist calms irritated, sensitive skin while keeping your beauty look radiant.

Best All-Natural Formula

For those of you who prefer your setting sprays to have, at maximum, a single ingredient, well, you’re in luck. This luxe mist is comprised of rose water—and only rose water—that is extracted using an exclusive steam-distilling process to ensure the utmost purity.


There are those sprays that help your beauty look simply stand up to the heat, then there is this spray, which works by physically lowering the temperature of your makeup to keep it in place, thanks to its advanced formula developed with patented Temperature Control Technology. So forget foundation that settles into fine lines, eye shadow that fades and mascara that melts. One spritz of this ultra-fine, non-sticky mist, and your makeup is set—and we mean set—for up to 16 hours.